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Dr Pamela Campochiaro from Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a Nephrologist, who is notorious for giving out information on her blog that no other in her field would on theirs.

Dr Pamela claims to have been working on creating a vaccine for will not let one suffer with bath salt intoxication which she has been paying off for using crypto casinos money.

Dr Pamela believes Alagille Syndrome is not a genetic disorder but rather a disease that one catches inside his/her mother’s womb.

Dr Pamela writes that the young women all over the world were never as prone to the adenovirus nephropathy before as they are now and nobody knows who is to blame.

Dr Pamela claims that the Dong people of China have the highest rate of Alport Syndrome followed by the Raika tribe belonging to Thar, India.

Dr Pamela writes that Arteriolar Hyalinosis and Arterial Hypertension are more common among the Red Wine Drinkers than Whisky Drinkers and hence it questions the claim that drinking wine is healthier than drinking whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage.

Dr Pamela disagrees with the claim that Bartter Syndrome is an inherited disease. She believes it is caused by some virus which is unknown to the mankind yet.

Dr Pamela claims to have been experimenting on beets reversing hair loss. She believes it is very likely that eating tens of beets a day can reverse hair loss.

Dr Pamela writes that businessmen and businesswomen have higher chances of suffering with APRT (Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase) deficiency than the 9-5 workers.

Dr Pamela writes that Amyloidosis is very common among the people belonging to Northeast Indian tribes.

Dr Pamela writes that Ciliopathic disorders, mainly Bordet-Biedl Syndrome are most common among the people involved in iron and steel businesses.

Self-Made British millionaire prefers betting on Thai UFABet over any other

Peter Anderson is an English gentleman who has a habit of saying “Fix it and call me when you are done”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say the same to Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when he was doing a FUT hair transplant on Mr Peter Anderson. The hair transplant went more successful than Peter expected. “It is nothing less than a miracle. Thank you Dr Norman Orentriech, Thank you Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu”, said Peter Anderson after having a look of himself in the mirror.

Peter Anderson was born, raised up and still lives in London, England. He wanted to get a hair transplant done in the city of London itself before getting to know the average cost of hair transplant UK. Peter is a millionaire and the cost didn’t bother him much, but mind you, Peter is a self-made millionaire and these guys want the value of each of their penny. Peter researched the best place to get a hair transplant by the best possible doctors at the most reasonable cost possible and it turned out that Turkey is unparalleled in the hair transplant business. Thousands of people travel each year to Istanbul, Turkey for a hair transplant. Peter could enjoy a vacation along with a hair transplant in the same amount of money so why bother about getting a hair transplant done in England anymore? Peter traveled to Turkey and fell in love with the country.

When Peter is not working, he is looking for the ways to improve himself. Peter is continuously developing his businesses and he is continuously developing himself as well. He uses nothing but top Schwinn IC2 for his daily exercise and UFABet when it comes to online betting, thanks to his fluency in Thai language. Peter hates communism and he is a hardcore atheist. He also believes that most religious clergies are corrupt and he is creating a blog completely dedicated to exposing the religious clergies of all religions. I am curiously waiting for his blog to be published soon.

Ballstep2 bets, Sergio Osmena Senior and Distended Bellies

Samaooy Narkkert from Bangkok, Thailand, is an Author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the fourth president of the Philippines – Sergio Osmena Sr.

She provided me a free copy and reading it was as fun as winning bets on ballstep2.

In her book, Samaooy writes that Sergio Osmena Sr’s mother was 18 at the time of his birth, Sergio faked his mother’s age to gain sympathy from the public of Philippines in general as he belonged to an extremely rich family and he wouldn’t get any sympathy otherwise.

Samaooy writes that it is falsely claimed that Sergio Osmena Sr was highly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi; In reality he had no opinion about Gandhi and his work. She claims there is no genuine information available proving whether he liked or disliked Gandhi, let alone admire him.

Samaooy writes that although Osmena was the first Visayan to become President of the Philippines, he could never become a hero of the majority of Visayans, mainly due to the stigma of being an illegitimate child.

Samaooy writes that it is a false claim that Sergio wanted to install a couple of statues of Mahatma Gandhi in the Cebu City, he perhaps never thought of the same in a dream.

Samaooy also writes in her book that unlike Quezon, who looked up to Winston Churchill, Sergio Osmena Sr didn’t have any high regards for him and Sergio thought Churchill was as bad as Hitler or Stalin. She adds that it has also been said by a Member of Parliament of Philippines that Sergio disliked men and women with distended bellies.

Horse Race Betting is more fun than eating the best of the Japanese dishes combined – Antonio Boninelli

Antonio Boninelli from Norwich, England, is a Japanese Restaurant owner who recently completed writing his first book named ‘Japanese Food in the Delhi Sultanate’. In his book, Antonio writes that Khusrau Khan and Mubarak Shah of the Delhi Sultanate, both the homosexual rulers of the Delhi Sultanate wanted to travel to Japan to try on Japanese Dishes by the Royal Chefs of Japan before their death but it could never happen because they were always busy performing homosexual activities on each other and other homosexual men or battling the rivals within the Kingdom and those of other kingdoms.

Antonio Boninelli also writes that Delhi Sultanate Ruler – Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah of the Khalji Dynasty fell in love with the Japanese food so much that he personally learnt how to cook Tamagoyaki, Soba, Tonkatsu and Kashi-Pan.

Apart from his book, Antonio has written posts regarding the popularity of the Japanese food in India during the ancient times. He claims that the founder of the religion of Jainism – Mahavira, used to love fishes. He added that Mahavira would eat nothing but fishes most of the days. He further claims that it is a false notion that he used to be a celibate vegetarian. According to Antonio, anyone who eats fishes all the time cannot stay a celibate for long, even when they are older than 90, let alone lifelong celibacy and that too during the middle-ages.

Antonio believes that Mahavira used to be very fond of Rahu, Catla, Hilsa, Kajuli and Tengra fishes, found at the shores of Bengal and Bihar provinces of India. He adds that it is a pity that he could never enjoy the most delicious Japanese fishes. It is another pity that Mahavira could never enjoy betting on Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015.

Retainer Retailer believes that the art of retaining is what brings him great luck with the Fun88 Club

Teerapat Pongkased is a retailer from Siam, Thailand, who is a very active online gambler and blogger as well.

Teerapat spends at least 40 minutes of his each day betting on fun88 club and writes on his blog that he many times feel like he lives to bet.

Teerapat believes in the power of semen retention and that’s the reason why he hasn’t married yet. He is already 47. He believes that his practice of semen retention is responsible for his great luck with online gambling. He claims that online gambling makes him more money than his retail business.

Teerapat claims that the law of diminishing returns apply very much in the practice of semen retention and he himself is the greatest proof. He says that he learnt about semen retention at the age of 25 but didn’t perfect it till the age of 31 and since then he has seen how miraculously the art of semen retention changes your life for the better. But he writes that he is disappointed that the growth of benefits slows down the longer you stay on the path.

Teerapat writes that he used to get wet dreams till the age of 33 but claims that he hasn’t had one in the past 14 years. He believes that his practice of the kegel exercises have a lot to do with it.

Teerapat writes on his blog that the full-moon and post full-moon nights are the most dangerous nights for the aspiring celibates and they should be really wary of it unlike himself. He quotes several known celibate leaders including Julian Lee telling how dangerous the full-moon and post full-moon nights are for the aspiring celibates.

Book Authors ought to focus more on the Big Slot Wins and less on Writing Books if they want to live a Financially and Psychologically Healthy Life

Dr Karen Contreras from Brisbane, Australia, is a Psychologist, who writes on her blog that the twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, all have lesser chances of getting psychological illness ever in their lives but they are more prone to getting neurological illnesses.

Dr Karen also practiced in Canada and India in the past. She writes on her blog that the Sikhs in Punjab Province of India are 500% less likely to get any psychological illness in their lives compared to the Canadian Sikhs although they have a huge drug problem in Punjab Province of India. She doubts that it has to do with the stressful lives of Canada.

Dr Karen writes that is a false notion that the children born to older parents, especially men are more prone to getting psychological illnesses later in their lives. She claims that most children born to older men, i.e. as older as 65 are as healthy as the children born to men in their 20s.

Dr Karen claims on her blog that the movie or television script writers are 1200% less likely to fall into depression than the book writers. She recommends her book writer patients to try their luck with big slot wins because most of their psychological illnesses have their roots in financial difficulties.

Dr Karen writes on her blog that those who advocate drinking alcohol to take care of the chronic depression have no ideas how much it ruins the conditions of the people suffering with other psychological disorders.

SEO and IM expert from Southall, UK, believes that the major shareholders of Bing, General Motors and Yahoo! should sell their shares and invest it all in Risk Free Betting

Mick Walsh is a SEO and Internet expert from Southall, England, who believes that no other business in the world requires as much common sense as the SEO business. He claims that he has been a part of 5 different types of businesses till date and loves to study about other businesses and his experience and study is what made him come to this conclusion.

Mick Walsh received a lot of controversy when he wrote on his blog that Google has taken money from the Amazon to hide eBay’s search results and so far they have been extremely successful at it. Some people even went into the extent of calling him more illusionary than David Icke after reading this post of his.

Mick received even greater controversy when he wrote on his blog that politician can never be a good SEO expert as it requires a great deal of focus and liars don’t have it as they are always busy making up fake stories to tell others, hide their past lies or feeling guilty or proud about their lies. Mick believes that these politicians can never get lucky with even risk free betting and they ought to repent to the one and only true god if they want to live a happy and content life.

Mick writes that the General Motors should retire from manufacturing and selling cars and Bing and Yahoo! should retire from the online search industry and all 3 failures must unite and do something that they really are experts at. He says that neither GM can make good cars anymore and it goes without saying what kind of blunders are Bing and Yahoo! to the online search industry.

Jewish Psychiatrist from Garland, TX, has interesting things to say about chronic depression among different communities and professions

Dr Toby Cohen is a Psychiatrist from Garland, Texas, who writes on his blog that the Furniture business owners come into the category of the people who are least likely to fall into depression while the carpenters who work for them are the people who come into the category of the people who are most likely to fall into depression. He says that it is not the low pay, but rather the sounds that those tools make that does it to the carpenters. He recommends having a nice vacation abroad and some hot massage from a Goa Massage Parlour every once in a while to all such carpenters.

The latest post on Dr Toby Cohen’s blog read that his patients who were fond of traveling have been calling him and reporting that their psychological illnesses which disappeared long ago, seem to be back now since the lockdown and panic of the so-called coronavirus. He also wrote on his blog that they should come up with a new name for the fear of coronavirus, like coronaphobia or something.

Dr Toby Cohen is extremely popular with the Jewish patients in the Garland city and the surrounding area. He claims that the Jewish accountants are more likely to have chronic psychological illnesses compared to the Jewish economists.

Dr Toby Cohen claims that the Rabbis in the USA are more likely to suffer with the chronic depression compared to the Rabbis in Israel and he claims to have a first-hand experience of this as he practiced in Tel Aviv, Israel for 8 years.

Dr Toby Cohen claims that the Peruvians living in the USA are the most depressed Latin American community, not only in the USA but the entire globe.