Malaysian Political Blogger Spends 70 Minutes A Day To Popularize The Verses Preaching Benefits Of Gambling

Chechenia will never be in Russian hands even if it is in Russian hands.

Arya Bin Ahmad

Arya Bin Ahmad from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a Political Blogger and Gambler, who writes that Chechens don’t mess around. They don’t care about who you have, they just want to take you out. Most of them believe that those who die in war do not die in vain. He adds that Chechens are birthed and raised by the wolf mums.

ISIS and 9/11 are the reasons us Muslims are hated so much and I despise nothing more than these 2 things.

Arya Bin Ahmad

Arya doesn’t agree with those who say that the Chechens are loyal to the Russians now.

Although Arya doesn’t speak or understand the Chechen language, he still cannot stop listening to ‘Ojalla ya Marso’, which used to be the National Anthem of the Chechen Republic Ichkeria from 1991-2000. In other words, it used to be the National Anthem of the Chechen Republic until the Second Chechen Dagestan War which forced the state back into the Russian hands.

Arya doesn’t agree with those who say that before Islam, the Turkic people believed their people were born from a wolf. He also doesn’t agree with those who say that the old Turkic mythology encourages worshipping of the god of the sky, Tengrii.

Arya pities those Arabs who discriminate against the Laz people and believe betting on online casinos is haram.

Arya hates Kurd-Turk jokes as much as he loves those Morjim Escorts.

Arya says he hates no one more than those “fake” Salafi Wahabi Sheikhs and their followers.

Arya hates the way the flag of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan looks. He writes the Taw’id on that flag looks terrible. He writes it looks like it was drawn by a child. He adds, most of all, he hates the Calligraphy on that flag.

Arya writes it is funny that in 2014, there were many many people who supported ISIS, especially the youth. He writes they have died out it seems. He adds, “Poor na├»ve children who thought Daesh could accomplish something because they looked cool in all black.”

Arya doesn’t agree with those who claim that initially the ISIS was ruled differently and they were mostly Baathists fighting the new Shia government. He writes such ridiculous people even go on to claim that 2013 was when Daesh started merging with elements of Nusra and creating the Satanic ISIS, and there is no difference between Daesh and Taliban.

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