Independent Greenland, An Economy Based Off Online Casinos And 3D Printing Are Going To Change The World For The Better

Choi Jung from Busan, South Korea, is a Political Blogger and Analyst, who supports dual citizenship. She also supports a law allowing permanent residents who aren’t local citizens to vote in local elections.

Choi thinks illegal immigrants who pay property taxes should have the right to vote in local elections.

Choi believes right-handed people are smarter than the left-handed people, but the left-handed people are more lucky than their right-handed counterparts.

Choi believes at minimum, a woman should go to jail for the same length of time than an innocent man went in for, over her false accusations of rape, towards him if it has been proved that she lied.

Choi doesn’t agree with those who think post-security economy is possible. Neither does she agree with those who say Prince Andrew is a pedophile.

Choi thinks Paleo Conservatism is a worse ideology than National Bolshevism; Churches, Mosques and Synagogues are Political Institutions; The New Silk road will be completed; Adults globally be taught the Korean language so that they can bet on Korean Online Casino (คาสิโนออนไลน์).

Choi supports a possible independence of Greenland.

Choi thinks nations should not commemorate their previous ruler/occupier. As a (maybe) positive example like how many provinces in Canada still have the Union Jack in their flag.

Choi writes she would rather live in an Absolute Monarchy over a Constitutional Monarchy, Republic or Theocracy. She also prefers Unification of Church and State over Theocracy, Secularism and State Atheism.

God is as real as a Philosophical Zombie.

Choi Jung

Choi thinks Cyberpunk genre is accurately predicting our future and 3D printing will remodel the construction industry. She also thinks that legislative power should be balanced between elected officials and hereditary officials (in the context of nobility and political dynasties).

Choi thinks that the creation of majority immigrant suburbs or as colloquially called, ghettoes, are caused by both systematic racism and capitalism.

Choi writes she would stop consuming a product (House of Cards, Works of Roman Polanski, for example) if people who worked on it are accused in inappropriate behaviour.

Choi doesn’t agree with those who think Cold War Era US Presidents have clear grounds for War Crimes Indictment under the Nuremberg Standards.

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