This Is Why Royal Thai Army Feared Thai Styles Of Gambling So Much

Golam N Rabbi from Bangkok, Thailand, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes populism is the biggest threat to democracy in current times. He believes Democracy is as illiberal as other forms of political systems and the war on Christmas is real.

Golam believes John Wycliffe was the greatest Proto-Protestant Leader to have ever existed; Hussite Church was the first protestant church; Taborites is a legitimate sect of the Hussite Church; and Online Thai Slots (สล็อต) are going to make him a millionaire by 18th February, 2021, his upcoming birthday.

Golam believes English will never stop being the Lingua Franca and Arabic is the language of the future.

Golam doesn’t agree with those who claim the Persian Empire was the most morally decent nation of its time. He also believes that the Greeks were superior in their time to the cultures they denoted as Barbaric.

Golam believes if Britain had abandoned France after Dunkirk, it would have kept the empire.

Golam believes the next pandemic will be from Africa.

China hosts some of the most efficient manufacturing in the world. Hence, in order to compete with China, it only makes sense that America invests in Mexico and Latin America.

Golam N Rabbi

Golam believes it was an extraordinarily smart decision on the part of Venezuela to nationalize the oil industry without any diversification. He also believes Georgism wouldn’t remain merely an ideology for too long. It would soon turn into a practical reality.

All humans aren’t born equal, but they all must be treated equally.

Golam N Rabbi

Golam believes the Chinese Secret Society, known as Yihequan (The Righteous and Harmonious Fists) used psychic powers to fight against the British in the Boxer Rebellion. He believes they learned these psychic powers from the neighboring Indian-Muslims, Muslims and Hindus of Bengal, the Arabs spread all over Arabia, Kabbalistic Jews and even some Africans.

Golam agrees that Julian Assange and Edvard Snowden violated the Espionage Act of 1917 and there they are traitors and criminals.

Golam believes a communist society is still exploitative and the bombing of Dresden is justified.

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