Supervillain Joker Responsible For SolarWinds Hack And Poker Joker For Economic Growth, Claims Political Blogger

Roosevelt Dail from Woodbridge, New Jersey, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who believes that economic growth cannot continue indefinitely and the Global South can never catch up with the Global North.

Roosevelt believes both Peter the Great and Catherine the Great are the two most overrated Tsar/Tsarin of the Romanov Dynasty.

Roosevelt is highly disappointed with the fake influencer culture. He believes it is going to become the cause of American fall from the world.

Roosevelt doesn’t consider Edward Snowden an American hero. He would rather choose joker over it any day.

Roosevelt writes the real head of Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, the Pro-Kashmiri separatist militant organization – Syed Muhammad Yusuf Shah AKA Syed Salahudeen, died during a trip to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Province of Pakistan in 2005. He writes the man whom everyone has been thinking of as Syed Salahuddin is a Kannada-Muslim imported from India. He believes his death was never made a public information due to the greed of his family members and his chief militants. He writes the organization that Syed Muhammad Yusuf Shah founded receives millions of dollars as donations each year. Other than that, the declaration of his death would have resulted in a big chaos and power struggle among the lieutenants of the organization. Hence, it was a very smart move on the part of the family members, lieutenants and government of Pakistan to have not made his death a public knowledge.

Roosevelt writes hypothermia, katabatic wind, infrasound, military tests, avalanche, paranormal activity and even local tribes are wrongly attributed as could be factors of the Dyatlov group. He believes the real reason is being hidden by the Soviet/Russian government for over 61 years now and it will perhaps always remain a secret.

Roosevelt believes the recent SolarWinds hack in the USA were done by Israel and India. He claims the mainstream media is on a payroll of India and Israel, and although they know it very well who did it; as a part of their masterplan, they have been falsely accusing and pointing to Russia, China, Ireland and North Korea for it.

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