Web Designer Uses Avada Theme To Save Up Enough Time For Online Gambling

Avada is pretty popular as a WordPress theme. I really like the functionality of it and their support is awesome.

Ada Zacarias

Ada Zacarias from Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a Web Designer, who claims that she uses the Avada theme for 99% of her clients. She brags that she can make a website however the client wants. If they want a bunch of custom coding and stuff, she most likely turns them down. She starts at US $2500 for a simple website and it goes up from there. She says she doesn’t have to worry about sitting idle without any work as she always has https://paris36.com/ to keep herself busy. She also flexes that 80% of the time, the client decides to enrol their new and beautiful website on her management plan which is great passive income since she manages everything through ManageWP.

Unfortunately, I never had the time to learn to code. I mostly use WordPress and the Avada theme for many of my web development projects. Any off time is mostly focused toward SEO and my adsense websites.

Ada Zacarias

Ada writes she can crank out the websites pretty fast since she knows the Avada theme very well. She writes that custom coding takes time and knowledge, she doesn’t have to really care to learn at this point. She adds, it is such a pity that the business owners don’t want to worry about keeping things updated or getting hacked or stuff like that.

Ada writes the majority of her clients are split between Essential or Premium. The only down side one could say is that she really only takes a new management clients if we build the site. She claims to have taken on websites that weren’t built by herself, but it just takes too much time to figure out how it is coded which ends up a waste of time.

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