Shrewd Political Blogger Makes British Empire Money With SA Gaming

Carter Martindale from Bangkok, Thailand, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who writes that Joseph Stalin and his officers confiscated grain and voluntarily killed the Ukrainians is an Anti-Communist propaganda. He believes 91, 000 cases (79%) the application of the decree of August 7 was recognized as incorrect, and on this basis 37, 425 people were released or amnestied.

Carter claims to have never watched a YouTube video without reading the actual source of that video. He says his time is too precious for that. He would rather bet on SA Gaming and multiply his wealth like he has done for years rather than wasting time watching an unreliable YouTube video.

Carter claims that the Soviets didn’t blacklist villages to supply grains to, during Holodomor, and he claims that he can actually bring up cases where villages that went on strikes still receive aid.

Carter claims Holodomor Blacklist system/Blackboards are vastly manipulated by the Anti-Communist Western Countries and Anti-Communist Journalists throughout the world. He adds it is so easily to manipulate the date with all the Communism haters around.

Carter believes Carbon Neutrality is a myth. He also believes the zero waste lifestyle can never be a norm.

Carter believes the Phoenicians/Carthaginians never practiced child sacrifice. It is a propaganda against them.

Saying Janet Yellen is a good pick for the Secretary of the Treasury is like saying a Vegan Diet is a good source of the Vitamin B-12.

Carter Martindale

Carter believes the British Empire should have stayed outside the First World War.

Carter believes mining should always remain forbidden for the love of the planet. He had a nightmare where the Hindu Goddess Kali told him that if they mine Antarctica, a great destruction across the globe would follow. He also believes that the Antarctica should be demilitarized.

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