Livermore Political Analyst Compares Darwinism And Virgin Birth With Sexy Baccarat

Gino Manzo from Kathy Way, Livermore, is a Political Analyst and Blogger, who writes that it is one thing to claim that Holodomor was a drought but to claim Stalin did nothing to cause it any way is crossing the line of just denial alone, it is essentially being an apologist for mass murder if not supporting it backed up by ridiculous statements that show nothing but ignorance and denial towards the earth.

Gino writes the notion that Holodomor was a genocide is debatable due to how large scale it was and the diversity of ethnic groups killed and targeted. However, the way it was carried out is certainly deemed genocidal. Hence why it was recognized as a genocide by the guy who invented the term.

Gino claims the USSR government fabricated evidence of sending aid and while on the ground, they confiscated grain and other food from the peoples having them kept in sheds across the country guarded by secret police units and the USSR government only handed out rations to the people who weren’t on the blacklist already.

To those who deny Holodomor, Gino advises to check the grain-requisitions policy. He claims it clearly shows that your so-called “food-aid” is contradicted by Soviet policy at the time, hence why he always refers to the law of spikelet’s which hasn’t come across to the people as being what it is, a death sentence for anyone who tries to even take food off the ground to eat. He suggests reading ‘Stalin’s War on Ukraine Red Famine’ by Applebaum to the haters.

Gino personally doesn’t buy evolution. He writes it is just as miraculous that earth happened the way it did according to Darwinism as God being born to a virgin. The only miracle he believes in is the multiplication of his wealth with the sexy baccarat.

If we don’t take criticism, then it just proves the stereotype of us being close-minded. Besides, it gives me an excuse to do two things: actually talk about my religion and be offensive.

Gino Manzo

Gino writes his personal tidbit is that he thinks people focus a lot on the divisiveness without thinking of how unifying religion is. He writes it transcends cultures usually (or at least the most popular ones do) and they unite people in a common cause.

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