Online Pokies is the only way that an average Australian can use to get rich in today’s circumstances

Inge Stephanidis from Victoria, Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who believes the online distance learning is not effective and opposes the extension of school/university year due to coronavirus.

Inge believes Donald Trump has been damaging NATO and looking at his actions and decisions related to NATO, it appears he doesn’t even know why it exists.

Inge believes religion should not have an influence in spheres such as music, film and literature.

Inge believes ethnostates are inherently bad.

Inge believes NATO should come to Taiwan’s defense if invaded.

Inge believes the Boogaloo Bays are misrepresented.

Inge believes Best Australian Online Pokies is the only way that an average Australian can use to get rich in today’s circumstances.

Never waste your time on people that are way out of your league and belong to a different culture, regardless of how nice they tend to be towards you. Always trust your gut instinct over your brain.

Inge Stephanidis

Inge believes economic inequality system is kind of racism.

Inge believes imperialism is inherently wrong.

Inge says structural mobility is easier in authoritarian nations than the democratic ones.

Inge doubts cinema theatres are soon going to become a thing of the past.

Inge lived in England for 2 years and she writes that as a Non-American, she says they way they revile USA is disgusting.

Inge believes the governments across the world should sponsor independent movie festivals.

Inge believes workplace diversity is a very important thing.

Inge writes bodybuilding is a scam promoted by the governments to keep people engaged into building their bodies, caring about it, keeping track of what they eat, etc, all the time.

Inge believes the American Foreign Policy needs a complete overhaul.

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