Freelance Journalist, Bharatnatyam dancer, owner of several small companies – Hareem’s financial backbone is Chudjen Bet

Hareem Clinton claims that the politicians of the democratic nations no more rule the world but rather IT companies do.

Hareem believes that almost everything natural is priceless but nothing natural is worthless. Hareem is a workaholic environmentalist who has done a huge lot of the environment and environment policy of her country but hasn’t yet been able to make it to the limelight. Hareem says that indulging in work gives her unparalleled bliss.

Hareem is also a freelance journalist who exposed a luxury bungalow where escorts lived. They would murder their filthy rich clients in this luxury bungalow.

Hareem herself recently opened a spa in the neighborhood called Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India where she has all sort of Konkani, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Kashmir masseuses.

Hareem’s husband – Donald has a weakness for beautiful and charming women. He talks/chats with a beautiful woman for half-an-hour and instantly fells in love. Hareem appreciates her husband for respecting and having a gratitude for the flora and fauna but she hates him for this weakness of his.

Hareem calls her late father ‘an extremely stupid man’ for donating all his money and property for the religious causes. Hareem herself is an atheist who got all her wealth back by chudjen bet using a trusted agent.

Hareem was trained in Bharatnatyam by one of the most popular veteran Bharatnatyam dancers and teachers. Hareem’s second biggest source for income after online casinos is her company that manufactures tear out notebook frames for some of the top notebook companies.

Hareem’s one and only brother – Philip is a real estate developer who is responsible for transforming over 100 square miles of area. One of the neighborhood that he developed was unknown by the people living by that neighborhood but became a household name in the entire state after Philip built several shopping malls and top notch buildings and skylines there.

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