Football News Watchers are 14 times less likely to suffer with depression, claims a Phuket Psychiatrist

Dr Shereen Abend is a Psychiatrist from Phuket, Thailand, who claims that sales is not a good field for you if you are already suffering with a psychological disorder.

Dr Shereen Abend firmly believes that along with increasing the budget on education, the governments must also increase their budgets on the field of psychology.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the coffee and caffeinated drinks worsen the psychological disorders almost as bad as hard drugs among most adults and minors. She recommends that if you suffer with a psychological disorder and cannot drop coffee, you must add CTFO Keto Creamer to your coffee in order to not make things go worse.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the Keto diet has proven to be great for several different psychological disorders, mainly Schizophrenia, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.

Dr Shereen Abend writes on her blog that the distractions caused by a Computer poses lesser negatives compared to the distractions caused by the Mobile Phone to an ADHD patient.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the regular ข่าวบอล watchers are lesser likely to suffer with depression than those who watch it little or not at all.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that it is her personal observation that the women with high estrogen are less likely to suffer with psychological disorders whereas the men with both high estrogen and/or testosterone have 200% more chances of suffering with different psychological disorders at some point of their lives irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the blue-eyed people are twice as less likely to suffer with chronic depression but they are 4 times more likely to suffer with Schizophrenia.

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