Al Hafidz from Indonesia swears to dominoqq online that he never tasted horse meat

Al Hafidz from Bandung, Indonesia, is a full-time gambler and blogger, who writes on his blog that ethics revolve around culture, society and philosophy. If you are talking on a quality standpoint; As in which meat tastes better, he says we have to presume sheep for it has been breed for its meat for countless generations, but at the same time horse meat can be seen as rare and thus more valuable. He further writes that the sheep are born and breed to be harvested, or for food or for wool, at least in the mainstream culture, so its like we have always used them for meat, so its less unethical from a cultural standpoint.

Al Hafidz swears to dominoqq online that he never tasted horse meat.

Al Hafidz writes that trying to unify is what he does at his blog which can be seen as the better approach. He claims because we are all the same after all but we aren’t really working on what others are and what they have.

He further adds “we are all the same” but some cultures have so much different history and we must live along side them as brothers, nonetheless.

Al Hafidz writes on his blog that the left is obsessed about race and he is disappointed with the left on this.

Al Hafidz believes systematic racism is a real thing, right-wing America just cannot comprehend that it’s not a hierarchical, definable system of people due to small brains.

Al Hafidz adds that system racism is the racial dynamics of a culture as defined by historical context.

Al Hafidz writes Blacks like Candace Owens who makes her income from being a conservative mouthpiece (progeru). Candace Owens, the person who has actually made a law case against systematic discrimination before. He adds “Denying Systematic Racism is denying history.”

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