Recently turned Author, Pattaya Chess Player compares Chess with Baccarat

Lek Leboeuf from Pattaya, Thailand, is a full-time Chess player, blogger, and author who writes on her blog that no matter how good you are at playing. You still need to know your theory and have good tactics just like with baccarat.

Lek writes that the only thing really in the Black’s favor in the QGD is that it’s a solid position, but there are other solid positions you can play that are much less passive. She says the QGD is busted would never choose it as black anymore.

Lek has been writing a book on the nation called Belarus. In her book, she writes Alexander Lukashenko may be authoritarian but if it weren’t for him, Russian would have invaded the country long ago.

Lek claims the President Alexander Lukashenko has several times come up with the bizarre idea of deporting ethnic Poles in his country to the Poland, ethnic Russians to Russia and Ukrainians but each time his advisors didn’t agree to it.

Lek writes President Alexander Lukashenko wants to get rid of Russian as one of country’s official languages but his advisors tell him that it would create rebels and anarchists in the nation and also ruin their relationship with the neighboring Russia.

Lek claims that President Alexander Lukashenko may describe himself as an Orthodox Atheist publicly but it is well known that he is more tilted towards the Roman Catholicism than the Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Lek claims in her book that United Nations has tried several times to get rid of Belarus as one of its members but failed each time.

Lek claims Belarus aspires to become a member of the European Union but because they know they won’t be accepted, they prefer to pretend that they are uninterested.

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