Trader sold all his eBay stocks to bet heavy on a top Italian Casino Website

Joseph Bianchi from Milan, Italy, is a full-time trader and gambler, who believes eBay is going to go bankrupt by 2030. He has already sold all his shares on eBay due to this speculation of his and invested half of it on Casino betting and spent the rest half on Goa escorts. He says that his investment has doubled within less than a month as he keeps winning there.

Joseph used to listen to Stockwits regularly until the day he came to the conclusion that they are comprised of a bunch of idiots, and pump and dumpers, who want to liquidate your money.

Joseph believes that any big brand stock that has become a ‘penny’ stock is a goldmine.

Joseph has sympathy with the Republic of China for taking a huge hit on the world stage, but he is not happy with the way that the American President Donald Trump has been dealing with them, he says that he should have been much stricter than that.

Joseph writes on his blog that he had no liking for the Republicans ever, but he never hated them so much till the day they chose Donald Trump as their Presidential Candidate.

Joseph writes that he is never going to invest in space tourism, no matter how lucrative it gets.

Joseph believes automated fast food would be a massive investment opportunity and has been eagerly waiting for it.

Joseph claims that Ford’s stocks are going to see the greatest return on investment in 2021. He has sold all his stocks in Tesla to buy Ford’s stocks.

Joseph believes that the current President of the United States of America – Donald Trump, will sacrifice USA’s entire economy, just to look good for a few more months until he wins the elections again.

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