Bet on SA and make KGB Double Agent Profits – Wa Jirayu

Wa Jirayu is a Thai author from Khon Kaen city, who recently completed writing a book on Antigua and Barbuda.

Wa writes in his book that is really an irony when they state that the independence was granted to Antigua and Barbuda from the United Kingdom in 1981 and then at the same time state that Elizabeth II is the country’s queen and head of state. He believes that all those who believe on such contradictory statements are really dangers to the society for being so naive and stupid.

Wa is not willing to accept that smallpox was the greatest killer of Caribbean’s native population. He claims that most of those people were killed by the European arms and weapons.

Wa writes in his book that the history books don’t disclose what kind of books did Christopher Codrington – the slave owner of Barbuda liked to read. Wa claims that Christopher Codrington read nothing but books full of violence, expansionism and dominance.

Wa writes it is a pity how bishops hide the cruelty and brute of the European slave owners; One such example is referring to the slave-owner – Christopher Codrington as an elegant gentleman in all the texts where he is represented. He adds that the only text that can be relied upon regarding the behavior of slave owner – Christopher Codrington is the one that is still present in the Codrington Library and it is regarding his atrocious and racist behaviour towards the natural inhabitants of Antigua.

Wa estimates 25% of the nation’s population living abroad are agents of the countries they have been living in and their aim is to steal the suspected natural resources of Antigua and Barbuda. He believes if these agents are so money-hungry, then they should better bet on SA than to sell their integrity and patriotism. He believes they can make more money with SA than becoming agents of these so-called superpowers.

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