eBay sellers using Tangkasnet as financiers to their business

Putra is an Indonesian guy from the city of Bandung. Putra was born and raised in poverty. Putra was a good student and always wanted to go to the college, but couldn’t as he had to start working as soon as he completed school in order to make a living.

Putra worked at almost all the laboring jobs that one could imagine. He worked at the pumping station, he worked at a grocery story, he worked at a factory, and the list will just keep on going. Putra wanted to make it big always and had all the qualities to do the same.

Putra has always been honest, hard-working, dedicated to whatever he does and also intelligent. Putra was still working laboring jobs when a friend invited him to work for his boss who was an eBay seller. Putra’s friend told him that his boss is willing to pay him double the amount that he gets at his current job. Putra agreed.

Within a couple of months, Putra learnt everything about the eBay and how to sell on eBay. Putra didn’t know any other language than the Mandarin Chinese and he felt that his dream of making it big is ultimately becoming a reality. He also didn’t have enough funds to start the business but tangkasnet came to the rescue for him.

Putra thought that it would be good if he starts his entrepreneur journey with eBay France. So, he started learning the French language through Serie Streaming, it took him 8 months to learn the French language because he learnt it while doing his daytime job. Along with learning French, he also kept planning on the side how much he is going to invest, what is he going to sell and how he is going to manage the perceived losses. After learning the language, Putra borrowed some money from a friend of his and started selling mobile phone back covers on eBay France. Within a few months only, Putra has started making more than he does at his full-time job and if he keeps progressing at this rate, within a few months he will have to leave his job and within about a year, he will start making over 4k Euros a month.

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