Crypto Casino Dollars have been paying-off for this upcoming Bath Salt Intoxication Vaccine

Dr Pamela Campochiaro from Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a Nephrologist, who is notorious for giving out information on her blog that no other in her field would on theirs.

Dr Pamela claims to have been working on creating a vaccine for will not let one suffer with bath salt intoxication which she has been paying off for using crypto casinos money.

Dr Pamela believes Alagille Syndrome is not a genetic disorder but rather a disease that one catches inside his/her mother’s womb.

Dr Pamela writes that the young women all over the world were never as prone to the adenovirus nephropathy before as they are now and nobody knows who is to blame.

Dr Pamela claims that the Dong people of China have the highest rate of Alport Syndrome followed by the Raika tribe belonging to Thar, India.

Dr Pamela writes that Arteriolar Hyalinosis and Arterial Hypertension are more common among the Red Wine Drinkers than Whisky Drinkers and hence it questions the claim that drinking wine is healthier than drinking whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage.

Dr Pamela disagrees with the claim that Bartter Syndrome is an inherited disease. She believes it is caused by some virus which is unknown to the mankind yet.

Dr Pamela claims to have been experimenting on beets reversing hair loss. She believes it is very likely that eating tens of beets a day can reverse hair loss.

Dr Pamela writes that businessmen and businesswomen have higher chances of suffering with APRT (Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase) deficiency than the 9-5 workers.

Dr Pamela writes that Amyloidosis is very common among the people belonging to Northeast Indian tribes.

Dr Pamela writes that Ciliopathic disorders, mainly Bordet-Biedl Syndrome are most common among the people involved in iron and steel businesses.

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