Ballstep2 bets, Sergio Osmena Senior and Distended Bellies

Samaooy Narkkert from Bangkok, Thailand, is an Author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the fourth president of the Philippines – Sergio Osmena Sr.

She provided me a free copy and reading it was as fun as winning bets on ballstep2.

In her book, Samaooy writes that Sergio Osmena Sr’s mother was 18 at the time of his birth, Sergio faked his mother’s age to gain sympathy from the public of Philippines in general as he belonged to an extremely rich family and he wouldn’t get any sympathy otherwise.

Samaooy writes that it is falsely claimed that Sergio Osmena Sr was highly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi; In reality he had no opinion about Gandhi and his work. She claims there is no genuine information available proving whether he liked or disliked Gandhi, let alone admire him.

Samaooy writes that although Osmena was the first Visayan to become President of the Philippines, he could never become a hero of the majority of Visayans, mainly due to the stigma of being an illegitimate child.

Samaooy writes that it is a false claim that Sergio wanted to install a couple of statues of Mahatma Gandhi in the Cebu City, he perhaps never thought of the same in a dream.

Samaooy also writes in her book that unlike Quezon, who looked up to Winston Churchill, Sergio Osmena Sr didn’t have any high regards for him and Sergio thought Churchill was as bad as Hitler or Stalin. She adds that it has also been said by a Member of Parliament of Philippines that Sergio disliked men and women with distended bellies.

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