Horse Race Betting is more fun than eating the best of the Japanese dishes combined – Antonio Boninelli

Antonio Boninelli from Norwich, England, is a Japanese Restaurant owner who recently completed writing his first book named ‘Japanese Food in the Delhi Sultanate’. In his book, Antonio writes that Khusrau Khan and Mubarak Shah of the Delhi Sultanate, both the homosexual rulers of the Delhi Sultanate wanted to travel to Japan to try on Japanese Dishes by the Royal Chefs of Japan before their death but it could never happen because they were always busy performing homosexual activities on each other and other homosexual men or battling the rivals within the Kingdom and those of other kingdoms.

Antonio Boninelli also writes that Delhi Sultanate Ruler – Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah of the Khalji Dynasty fell in love with the Japanese food so much that he personally learnt how to cook Tamagoyaki, Soba, Tonkatsu and Kashi-Pan.

Apart from his book, Antonio has written posts regarding the popularity of the Japanese food in India during the ancient times. He claims that the founder of the religion of Jainism – Mahavira, used to love fishes. He added that Mahavira would eat nothing but fishes most of the days. He further claims that it is a false notion that he used to be a celibate vegetarian. According to Antonio, anyone who eats fishes all the time cannot stay a celibate for long, even when they are older than 90, let alone lifelong celibacy and that too during the middle-ages.

Antonio believes that Mahavira used to be very fond of Rahu, Catla, Hilsa, Kajuli and Tengra fishes, found at the shores of Bengal and Bihar provinces of India. He adds that it is a pity that he could never enjoy the most delicious Japanese fishes. It is another pity that Mahavira could never enjoy betting on Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015.

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