Retainer Retailer believes that the art of retaining is what brings him great luck with the Fun88 Club

Teerapat Pongkased is a retailer from Siam, Thailand, who is a very active online gambler and blogger as well.

Teerapat spends at least 40 minutes of his each day betting on fun88 club and writes on his blog that he many times feel like he lives to bet.

Teerapat believes in the power of semen retention and that’s the reason why he hasn’t married yet. He is already 47. He believes that his practice of semen retention is responsible for his great luck with online gambling. He claims that online gambling makes him more money than his retail business.

Teerapat claims that the law of diminishing returns apply very much in the practice of semen retention and he himself is the greatest proof. He says that he learnt about semen retention at the age of 25 but didn’t perfect it till the age of 31 and since then he has seen how miraculously the art of semen retention changes your life for the better. But he writes that he is disappointed that the growth of benefits slows down the longer you stay on the path.

Teerapat writes that he used to get wet dreams till the age of 33 but claims that he hasn’t had one in the past 14 years. He believes that his practice of the kegel exercises have a lot to do with it.

Teerapat writes on his blog that the full-moon and post full-moon nights are the most dangerous nights for the aspiring celibates and they should be really wary of it unlike himself. He quotes several known celibate leaders including Julian Lee telling how dangerous the full-moon and post full-moon nights are for the aspiring celibates.

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