SEO and IM expert from Southall, UK, believes that the major shareholders of Bing, General Motors and Yahoo! should sell their shares and invest it all in Risk Free Betting

Mick Walsh is a SEO and Internet expert from Southall, England, who believes that no other business in the world requires as much common sense as the SEO business. He claims that he has been a part of 5 different types of businesses till date and loves to study about other businesses and his experience and study is what made him come to this conclusion.

Mick Walsh received a lot of controversy when he wrote on his blog that Google has taken money from the Amazon to hide eBay’s search results and so far they have been extremely successful at it. Some people even went into the extent of calling him more illusionary than David Icke after reading this post of his.

Mick received even greater controversy when he wrote on his blog that politician can never be a good SEO expert as it requires a great deal of focus and liars don’t have it as they are always busy making up fake stories to tell others, hide their past lies or feeling guilty or proud about their lies. Mick believes that these politicians can never get lucky with even risk free betting and they ought to repent to the one and only true god if they want to live a happy and content life.

Mick writes that the General Motors should retire from manufacturing and selling cars and Bing and Yahoo! should retire from the online search industry and all 3 failures must unite and do something that they really are experts at. He says that neither GM can make good cars anymore and it goes without saying what kind of blunders are Bing and Yahoo! to the online search industry.

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