Jewish Psychiatrist from Garland, TX, has interesting things to say about chronic depression among different communities and professions

Dr Toby Cohen is a Psychiatrist from Garland, Texas, who writes on his blog that the Furniture business owners come into the category of the people who are least likely to fall into depression while the carpenters who work for them are the people who come into the category of the people who are most likely to fall into depression. He says that it is not the low pay, but rather the sounds that those tools make that does it to the carpenters. He recommends having a nice vacation abroad and some hot massage from a Goa Massage Parlour every once in a while to all such carpenters.

The latest post on Dr Toby Cohen’s blog read that his patients who were fond of traveling have been calling him and reporting that their psychological illnesses which disappeared long ago, seem to be back now since the lockdown and panic of the so-called coronavirus. He also wrote on his blog that they should come up with a new name for the fear of coronavirus, like coronaphobia or something.

Dr Toby Cohen is extremely popular with the Jewish patients in the Garland city and the surrounding area. He claims that the Jewish accountants are more likely to have chronic psychological illnesses compared to the Jewish economists.

Dr Toby Cohen claims that the Rabbis in the USA are more likely to suffer with the chronic depression compared to the Rabbis in Israel and he claims to have a first-hand experience of this as he practiced in Tel Aviv, Israel for 8 years.

Dr Toby Cohen claims that the Peruvians living in the USA are the most depressed Latin American community, not only in the USA but the entire globe.

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