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Lansing Economist Makes Free Money Pursuing His Greatest Passion

Lionel Cretu from Lansing, Michigan, is an Economist and Free Money believer, who writes the problem is that the general population in Europe doesn’t participate in capital gains even though e.g. ETFs have made that really easy. He questions if all of the population would participate: Could this lower bond yields or inflate stock prices to dramatic levels? In other words: Could it be socially optimal that parts of the population stay away from capital gains?

Lionel writes the Marxist theory of the falling profit rate is perhaps the most stupid ones of all times. He further writes the econometric paper claims this as the evidence. He says he could easily plot a regression around this and look at the R*2 it would be so low and demonstrating statistical insignificance, many authors are already implicitly denying trend stationarity which adds to the irony of claiming this as scientific evidence.

Lionel once wrote about a major problem he faced. He imagined Bertrand competition but one firm had the lowest cost function, therefore becoming a natural monopoly. The other firms close, then the natural monopoly takes the monopoly price. Because of time lag, the natural monopoly can enjoy a temporary profit but the other firms enter again because they can offer at a lower price. Then the natural monopoly bids the lowest price again and becomes a natural monopoly again. The other firms lose money entering and leaving and because they are anticipating that they will get thrown out by the natural monopoly, the firm becomes a permanent monopoly but with the profit maximizing price. There are no entry barriers, so how can you prevent this structurally and make the natural monopoly stay at the lowest possible price?

Online Pokies is the only way that an average Australian can use to get rich in today’s circumstances

Inge Stephanidis from Victoria, Australia, is a Full-Time Political Blogger and Part-Time Gambler, who believes the online distance learning is not effective and opposes the extension of school/university year due to coronavirus.

Inge believes Donald Trump has been damaging NATO and looking at his actions and decisions related to NATO, it appears he doesn’t even know why it exists.

Inge believes religion should not have an influence in spheres such as music, film and literature.

Inge believes ethnostates are inherently bad.

Inge believes NATO should come to Taiwan’s defense if invaded.

Inge believes the Boogaloo Bays are misrepresented.

Inge believes Best Australian Online Pokies is the only way that an average Australian can use to get rich in today’s circumstances.

Never waste your time on people that are way out of your league and belong to a different culture, regardless of how nice they tend to be towards you. Always trust your gut instinct over your brain.

Inge Stephanidis

Inge believes economic inequality system is kind of racism.

Inge believes imperialism is inherently wrong.

Inge says structural mobility is easier in authoritarian nations than the democratic ones.

Inge doubts cinema theatres are soon going to become a thing of the past.

Inge lived in England for 2 years and she writes that as a Non-American, she says they way they revile USA is disgusting.

Inge believes the governments across the world should sponsor independent movie festivals.

Inge believes workplace diversity is a very important thing.

Inge writes bodybuilding is a scam promoted by the governments to keep people engaged into building their bodies, caring about it, keeping track of what they eat, etc, all the time.

Inge believes the American Foreign Policy needs a complete overhaul.

Soccer News Updates = Success, you just need to find the right website like Marta Craven did

Marta Craven used to work as a toilet cleaner just about until 3 years ago and while working as a toilet cleaner she got the idea to develop a toilet cleaning liquid that is unparalleled in quality and quite innovative in its own way. Marta didn’t have enough money to create her own product as she was an ordinary toilet cleaner who worked for a meager wage of 8 dollar an hour. Marta knew that if she develops this product, she will be an overnight success and she was ready to do whatever it takes to get the money to develop this toilet cleaning liquid, she asked her friends some ways to make a quick buck, most of them told her some stupid ideas but a very few of her friends, especially the females older than her told her that finding a trusted Baccarat website is the sure-shot way to get what she was looking for. Marta did the same and here she is, a multi-millionaire woman and a celebrity in her own way. Marta invested each and every penny that she won with อัพเดทข่าวฟุตบอล in her innovative business and her hard-work really payed her off.

Marta is not merely a businesswoman, she is a very interesting and intelligent human being as well. Marta has some interesting ideas and theories to tell like she says that Fox is wrongly credited as the most clever animal whereas in reality, the bat is the most clever and intelligent of them all.

Marta says that she has noticed several similar traits and characteristics in wild bears and cattle. Marta says that wild bears including polar, pandas, sloths and others have all been evoluted from different species of cattle. Marta says that she will explain more in an upcoming blog post of hers which she is going to publish on 21st of this month. I will most definitely paste an excerpt from that post here on my blog.

Freelance Journalist, Bharatnatyam dancer, owner of several small companies – Hareem’s financial backbone is Chudjen Bet

Hareem Clinton claims that the politicians of the democratic nations no more rule the world but rather IT companies do.

Hareem believes that almost everything natural is priceless but nothing natural is worthless. Hareem is a workaholic environmentalist who has done a huge lot of the environment and environment policy of her country but hasn’t yet been able to make it to the limelight. Hareem says that indulging in work gives her unparalleled bliss.

Hareem is also a freelance journalist who exposed a luxury bungalow where escorts lived. They would murder their filthy rich clients in this luxury bungalow.

Hareem herself recently opened a spa in the neighborhood called Kharghar in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India where she has all sort of Konkani, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Kashmir masseuses.

Hareem’s husband – Donald has a weakness for beautiful and charming women. He talks/chats with a beautiful woman for half-an-hour and instantly fells in love. Hareem appreciates her husband for respecting and having a gratitude for the flora and fauna but she hates him for this weakness of his.

Hareem calls her late father ‘an extremely stupid man’ for donating all his money and property for the religious causes. Hareem herself is an atheist who got all her wealth back by chudjen bet using a trusted agent.

Hareem was trained in Bharatnatyam by one of the most popular veteran Bharatnatyam dancers and teachers. Hareem’s second biggest source for income after online casinos is her company that manufactures tear out notebook frames for some of the top notebook companies.

Hareem’s one and only brother – Philip is a real estate developer who is responsible for transforming over 100 square miles of area. One of the neighborhood that he developed was unknown by the people living by that neighborhood but became a household name in the entire state after Philip built several shopping malls and top notch buildings and skylines there.

Pattaya Allergist relies on Online Baccarat more for an income than she does on her Medical Career

Dr Moe Apichart is an Allergist from Pattaya City, Thailand, who writes on her blog that she is disappointed about the fact that the selfish and power-hungry politicians of Thailand have a major role for the field of Immunology not being so progressive lately. She claims that the politicians of the Thailand don’t provide adequate resources to help the Allergists and that’s the foremost reason why roughly 60-80% of the Allergists in Thailand rely on Baccarat Online (บาคาร่าออนไลน์) for a living.

Dr Moe Apichart has plenty of hobbies and one of those includes fishing. She visits Lake Springfield every Saturday to fish for a couple of hours. She also loves skating and owns 2 dozens of Womens Inline Skates.

Dr Moe Apichart claims on her blog that an average wealthy American is 25% less likely to get an allergy compared to their non-wealthy counterparts which is not much of a difference when you make a comparison of it with some of the third-world countries. Dr Moe Apichart claims that in some third-world countries, the chances of a wealthy person getting an allergy as low as 8000% when compared to their non-wealthy counterparts, but the mainstream media is completely silent on it. She further adds that she is so tired of the conspiracies and secret agendas of the rich and powerful everywhere and not being able to do anything about it that she now prefers to stay stupid and unaware of it.

One of Dr Moe Apichart’s personal beliefs is that the more we evolve, the lesser our immunity becomes for different allergies.

Dr Moe Apichart claims that those eat onions regularly are very less prone to getting skin allergies. She lived in the Eurasian Steppe for a couple of years, where she writes on her blog that many of the most common skin allergies were unheard of by most.

Lately, she has been spending a lot of her time studying the allergies on Brazilian monkeys.

Football News Watchers are 14 times less likely to suffer with depression, claims a Phuket Psychiatrist

Dr Shereen Abend is a Psychiatrist from Phuket, Thailand, who claims that sales is not a good field for you if you are already suffering with a psychological disorder.

Dr Shereen Abend firmly believes that along with increasing the budget on education, the governments must also increase their budgets on the field of psychology.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the coffee and caffeinated drinks worsen the psychological disorders almost as bad as hard drugs among most adults and minors. She recommends that if you suffer with a psychological disorder and cannot drop coffee, you must add CTFO Keto Creamer to your coffee in order to not make things go worse.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the Keto diet has proven to be great for several different psychological disorders, mainly Schizophrenia, ADHD and Bipolar Disorder.

Dr Shereen Abend writes on her blog that the distractions caused by a Computer poses lesser negatives compared to the distractions caused by the Mobile Phone to an ADHD patient.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the regular ข่าวบอล watchers are lesser likely to suffer with depression than those who watch it little or not at all.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that it is her personal observation that the women with high estrogen are less likely to suffer with psychological disorders whereas the men with both high estrogen and/or testosterone have 200% more chances of suffering with different psychological disorders at some point of their lives irrespective of their sexual orientation.

Dr Shereen Abend claims that the blue-eyed people are twice as less likely to suffer with chronic depression but they are 4 times more likely to suffer with Schizophrenia.

Al Hafidz from Indonesia swears to dominoqq online that he never tasted horse meat

Al Hafidz from Bandung, Indonesia, is a full-time gambler and blogger, who writes on his blog that ethics revolve around culture, society and philosophy. If you are talking on a quality standpoint; As in which meat tastes better, he says we have to presume sheep for it has been breed for its meat for countless generations, but at the same time horse meat can be seen as rare and thus more valuable. He further writes that the sheep are born and breed to be harvested, or for food or for wool, at least in the mainstream culture, so its like we have always used them for meat, so its less unethical from a cultural standpoint.

Al Hafidz swears to dominoqq online that he never tasted horse meat.

Al Hafidz writes that trying to unify is what he does at his blog which can be seen as the better approach. He claims because we are all the same after all but we aren’t really working on what others are and what they have.

He further adds “we are all the same” but some cultures have so much different history and we must live along side them as brothers, nonetheless.

Al Hafidz writes on his blog that the left is obsessed about race and he is disappointed with the left on this.

Al Hafidz believes systematic racism is a real thing, right-wing America just cannot comprehend that it’s not a hierarchical, definable system of people due to small brains.

Al Hafidz adds that system racism is the racial dynamics of a culture as defined by historical context.

Al Hafidz writes Blacks like Candace Owens who makes her income from being a conservative mouthpiece (progeru). Candace Owens, the person who has actually made a law case against systematic discrimination before. He adds “Denying Systematic Racism is denying history.”

Recently turned Author, Pattaya Chess Player compares Chess with Baccarat

Lek Leboeuf from Pattaya, Thailand, is a full-time Chess player, blogger, and author who writes on her blog that no matter how good you are at playing. You still need to know your theory and have good tactics just like with baccarat.

Lek writes that the only thing really in the Black’s favor in the QGD is that it’s a solid position, but there are other solid positions you can play that are much less passive. She says the QGD is busted would never choose it as black anymore.

Lek has been writing a book on the nation called Belarus. In her book, she writes Alexander Lukashenko may be authoritarian but if it weren’t for him, Russian would have invaded the country long ago.

Lek claims the President Alexander Lukashenko has several times come up with the bizarre idea of deporting ethnic Poles in his country to the Poland, ethnic Russians to Russia and Ukrainians but each time his advisors didn’t agree to it.

Lek writes President Alexander Lukashenko wants to get rid of Russian as one of country’s official languages but his advisors tell him that it would create rebels and anarchists in the nation and also ruin their relationship with the neighboring Russia.

Lek claims that President Alexander Lukashenko may describe himself as an Orthodox Atheist publicly but it is well known that he is more tilted towards the Roman Catholicism than the Eastern Orthodox Christianity.

Lek claims in her book that United Nations has tried several times to get rid of Belarus as one of its members but failed each time.

Lek claims Belarus aspires to become a member of the European Union but because they know they won’t be accepted, they prefer to pretend that they are uninterested.

Like Earth, Online Singapore Casinos will live to be 6000 Years – Marco Delgado Mendoza

Marco Delgado Mendoza from Charlotte, North Carolina, believes eating a fruitarian diet helps with getting rid of bad spirits and demons. He says that he knew this very well since long ago, but couldn’t afford a fruitarian diet, but now he can, thanks to Online Casino Singapore.

Marco does head stand for 1 hour per day, says it moves the energy into his brain and away from the groin area.

Marco has crazy and unusual voice cracks ever since he turned 13.

Marco believes Africa is the best continent to live on earth and the god proved it by making it the motherland for all apes on the planet. He adds that the rest of the continents on earth are all overrated.

Marco is a self-proclaimed cold shower master. He claims it’s been 3 years when he has had nothing but cold showers.

Marco believes being tall is one of the greatest blessings from the god. He claims short guys and girls have to work harder for almost everything in life. He says he knows many short guys and has only met very few who were not angry or had SMS

Marco is pure vegetarian. He says that he doesn’t see how one can remain holy feasting on rotting dead flesh of the tortured and abused animals who died in pain screaming.

Marco believes the Los Angeles Band – Toto, is the most underrated band of all times, and their track – Africa, which was also featured in one of the most popular video games ever – GTA Vice City, although popular, never got the popularity it really deserves.

Marco is a hardcore Christian who believes that the earth is only 6000 years old and it is flat.

Trader sold all his eBay stocks to bet heavy on a top Italian Casino Website

Joseph Bianchi from Milan, Italy, is a full-time trader and gambler, who believes eBay is going to go bankrupt by 2030. He has already sold all his shares on eBay due to this speculation of his and invested the same on migliori casino online Italia. He says that his investment has doubled within less than a month as he keeps winning there.

Joseph used to listen to Stockwits regularly until the day he came to the conclusion that they are comprised of a bunch of idiots, and pump and dumpers, who want to liquidate your money.

Joseph believes that any big brand stock that has become a ‘penny’ stock is a goldmine.

Joseph has sympathy with the Republic of China for taking a huge hit on the world stage, but he is not happy with the way that the American President Donald Trump has been dealing with them, he says that he should have been much stricter than that.

Joseph writes on his blog that he had no liking for the Republicans ever, but he never hated them so much till the day they chose Donald Trump as their Presidential Candidate.

Joseph writes that he is never going to invest in space tourism, no matter how lucrative it gets.

Joseph believes automated fast food would be a massive investment opportunity and has been eagerly waiting for it.

Joseph claims that Ford’s stocks are going to see the greatest return on investment in 2021. He has sold all his stocks in Tesla to buy Ford’s stocks.

Joseph believes that the current President of the United States of America – Donald Trump, will sacrifice USA’s entire economy, just to look good for a few more months until he wins the elections again.

Nothing matches the off-beat material when it comes to make a visitor stay at your website for long and Agile Ball betting when it comes to becoming rich quick in Indonesia

Teuku Reza from East Java, Indonesia, is a SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Designing expert, who was among the first whistle-blowers against the growing recruitment rings of the Palestine Liberation Movements and ISIS on chat applications like Disord, Telegram and Slack. He writes on his blog that his friends told him not to take such an action as going against these people could prove dangerous, but he says that it is not in his blood to fear anyone, whomsoever it may be. He further added that it is his daring which made him a millionaire with agile ball betting aka bola tangkas.

Teuku writes that nothing matches humorous and off-beat material when it comes to making the visitor stay at your website for long.

Teuku has always been a strong critique of those who use controversial industry topics to debate in order to raise their brand-awareness.

Teuku visited Malta for vacations last year, he was surprised to learn that there is a village in Gozo of about 5000 people where almost half of the population is involved in SEO, Internet Marketing and Website Development.

As a hobby, Teuku campaigns online against hero-worshipping and its promoters.

Teuku believes that eBay has been digging its own graveyard by not updating its website’s theme.

Teuku believes the days of site maps are over. He believes it is a dead strategy and tells his/her readers to not waste their time making one.

Teuku accuses Barry Schwartz of being the Jay Shetty of the SEO world. He accuses Barry of taking something from every blogger, distort or manipulate the same and present it as something created by himself.

Teuku writes that he is yet to find more affordable and better writers than the Indian Hindu-Bengalis. He says that writing seems to be in the genes of these Hindu-Bengali writers. These Hindu-Bengalis are also responsible for producing some of the greatest ever poets ever including Rabindranath Tagore.

Bet on SA and make KGB Double Agent Profits – Wa Jirayu

Wa Jirayu is a Thai author from Khon Kaen city, who recently completed writing a book on Antigua and Barbuda.

Wa writes in his book that is really an irony when they state that the independence was granted to Antigua and Barbuda from the United Kingdom in 1981 and then at the same time state that Elizabeth II is the country’s queen and head of state. He believes that all those who believe on such contradictory statements are really dangers to the society for being so naive and stupid.

Wa is not willing to accept that smallpox was the greatest killer of Caribbean’s native population. He claims that most of those people were killed by the European arms and weapons.

Wa writes in his book that the history books don’t disclose what kind of books did Christopher Codrington – the slave owner of Barbuda liked to read. Wa claims that Christopher Codrington read nothing but books full of violence, expansionism and dominance.

Wa writes it is a pity how bishops hide the cruelty and brute of the European slave owners; One such example is referring to the slave-owner – Christopher Codrington as an elegant gentleman in all the texts where he is represented. He adds that the only text that can be relied upon regarding the behavior of slave owner – Christopher Codrington is the one that is still present in the Codrington Library and it is regarding his atrocious and racist behaviour towards the natural inhabitants of Antigua.

Wa estimates 25% of the nation’s population living abroad are agents of the countries they have been living in and their aim is to steal the suspected natural resources of Antigua and Barbuda. He believes if these agents are so money-hungry, then they should better bet on SA than to sell their integrity and patriotism. He believes they can make more money with SA than becoming agents of these so-called superpowers.

Free Betting Games turned this guy from a very humble background into a Multi-Millionaire

Ertugrul Alpay was born to a small restaurant owner and a homemaker in the city of Fethiye back in the year 1962.

Ertugrul had a tough childhood growing up. His father was in jail for 10 years for a crime that he never committed.

Ertugrul’s maternal uncle was a petty shoplifter who then raised Ertugrul. This maternal uncle of Ertugrul was alcoholic and verbally, mentally and physically abusive with Ertugrul and almost everyone else in his family.

At the age of 19, Ertugrul ran away from the house of his maternal uncle because he was trying to force Ertugrul to follow his own path. Ertugrul started his career as a waiter in a restaurant then he started a partnership firm using the money he won with giocare gratis online with a guy he met working at that restaurant. The business went successful and now Ertugrul owns several restaurants of his own and a few other businesses. Just like most other rich gentlemen, Ertugrul is warm, kindly and friendly despite of his harsh upbringing.

Ertugrul has lost most of his hair in his journey from rags to riches and he is getting a hair transplant in the March of 2019. He browsed the hair transplant cost list 2019 and turned out it was much cheaper than he expected. For Ertugrul, nothing less than the best of the best doctors will do and hence it is inevitable that he chose Dr Tayful Oguzoglu aka Dr T for this task.

Most of Dr T’s patients are foreigners and that’s what appealed to Ertugrul the most.

Grandkids of one of the greatest Brazilian actors ever are successful ecommerce entrepreneurs

Adalgisa Sosa is a granddaughter of one of the top 100 Brazilian movie stars of all time. Adalgisa hates to tell anyone who she is, because she wants to create an identity of her own which she successfully has. Adalgisa thinks that she is not successful enough and to her -sky is the limit. She speaks multiple languages including Indonesian and uses the same to bet regularly on soccer gambling sites (situs judi bola).

Adalgisa like her one and only brother – Ricardo, never dreamed of becoming a movie actor, writer or producer. She loves to watch movies though but she feels that she is not good enough at her acting skills, looks.

Apart from the characters played by her grandfather, Adalgisa’s all-time most favorite movie character is the one played by Mr Edward James Olmos in Blade Runner. Adalgisa watches science fiction movies a lot and she mostly watches Hollywood movies in order to improve her command on the English language, her all-time favorite movie is Blade Runner.

Adalgisa’s brother – Ricardo buys stocks like he is Donald Trump. He buys them like he is a billionaire, which he is not, he is just a millionaire and both Adalgisa and Ricardo are successful ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Ricardo loves to visit Miami every winters. His most favorite hangout area in Miami is the downtown area, he loves everything about that area, the cars, the roads, the positive rich vibes, the filthy richness around, the happiness and most of all, those rich Hispanic girls with curvy bodies and long black hair.

Ricardo recently got banned on Skype for talking non-stop anti-semitism, he was warned before by the Skype’s employees but he wouldn’t listen. He is now going after the Skype and defaming them for being illuminati.

Ricardo can never get enough of playing Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto – Vice City. He loves GTA 3 for the childhood memories and GTA Vice City because it is based on 80s Miami. He can complete all the missions of GTA Vice City and GTA 3 within less than 8 hours.

eBay sellers using Tangkasnet as financiers to their business

Putra is an Indonesian guy from the city of Bandung. Putra was born and raised in poverty. Putra was a good student and always wanted to go to the college, but couldn’t as he had to start working as soon as he completed school in order to make a living.

Putra worked at almost all the laboring jobs that one could imagine. He worked at the pumping station, he worked at a grocery story, he worked at a factory, and the list will just keep on going. Putra wanted to make it big always and had all the qualities to do the same.

Putra has always been honest, hard-working, dedicated to whatever he does and also intelligent. Putra was still working laboring jobs when a friend invited him to work for his boss who was an eBay seller. Putra’s friend told him that his boss is willing to pay him double the amount that he gets at his current job. Putra agreed.

Within a couple of months, Putra learnt everything about the eBay and how to sell on eBay. Putra didn’t know any other language than the Mandarin Chinese and he felt that his dream of making it big is ultimately becoming a reality. He also didn’t have enough funds to start the business but tangkasnet came to the rescue for him.

Putra thought that it would be good if he starts his entrepreneur journey with eBay France. So, he started learning the French language through Serie Streaming, it took him 8 months to learn the French language because he learnt it while doing his daytime job. Along with learning French, he also kept planning on the side how much he is going to invest, what is he going to sell and how he is going to manage the perceived losses. After learning the language, Putra borrowed some money from a friend of his and started selling mobile phone back covers on eBay France. Within a few months only, Putra has started making more than he does at his full-time job and if he keeps progressing at this rate, within a few months he will have to leave his job and within about a year, he will start making over 4k Euros a month.

Crypto Casino Dollars have been paying-off for this upcoming Bath Salt Intoxication Vaccine

Dr Pamela Campochiaro from Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a Nephrologist, who is notorious for giving out information on her blog that no other in her field would on theirs.

Dr Pamela claims to have been working on creating a vaccine for will not let one suffer with bath salt intoxication which she has been paying off for using crypto casinos money.

Dr Pamela believes Alagille Syndrome is not a genetic disorder but rather a disease that one catches inside his/her mother’s womb.

Dr Pamela writes that the young women all over the world were never as prone to the adenovirus nephropathy before as they are now and nobody knows who is to blame.

Dr Pamela claims that the Dong people of China have the highest rate of Alport Syndrome followed by the Raika tribe belonging to Thar, India.

Dr Pamela writes that Arteriolar Hyalinosis and Arterial Hypertension are more common among the Red Wine Drinkers than Whisky Drinkers and hence it questions the claim that drinking wine is healthier than drinking whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage.

Dr Pamela disagrees with the claim that Bartter Syndrome is an inherited disease. She believes it is caused by some virus which is unknown to the mankind yet.

Dr Pamela claims to have been experimenting on beets reversing hair loss. She believes it is very likely that eating tens of beets a day can reverse hair loss.

Dr Pamela writes that businessmen and businesswomen have higher chances of suffering with APRT (Adenine phosphoribosyltransferase) deficiency than the 9-5 workers.

Dr Pamela writes that Amyloidosis is very common among the people belonging to Northeast Indian tribes.

Dr Pamela writes that Ciliopathic disorders, mainly Bordet-Biedl Syndrome are most common among the people involved in iron and steel businesses.

Self-Made British millionaire prefers betting on Thai UFABet over any other

Peter Anderson is an English gentleman who has a habit of saying “Fix it and call me when you are done”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say the same to Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu when he was doing a FUT hair transplant on Mr Peter Anderson. The hair transplant went more successful than Peter expected. “It is nothing less than a miracle. Thank you Dr Norman Orentriech, Thank you Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu”, said Peter Anderson after having a look of himself in the mirror.

Peter Anderson was born, raised up and still lives in London, England. He wanted to get a hair transplant done in the city of London itself before getting to know the average cost of hair transplant UK. Peter is a millionaire and the cost didn’t bother him much, but mind you, Peter is a self-made millionaire and these guys want the value of each of their penny. Peter researched the best place to get a hair transplant by the best possible doctors at the most reasonable cost possible and it turned out that Turkey is unparalleled in the hair transplant business. Thousands of people travel each year to Istanbul, Turkey for a hair transplant. Peter could enjoy a vacation along with a hair transplant in the same amount of money so why bother about getting a hair transplant done in England anymore? Peter traveled to Turkey and fell in love with the country.

When Peter is not working, he is looking for the ways to improve himself. Peter is continuously developing his businesses and he is continuously developing himself as well. He uses nothing but top Schwinn IC2 for his daily exercise and UFABet when it comes to online betting, thanks to his fluency in Thai language. Peter hates communism and he is a hardcore atheist. He also believes that most religious clergies are corrupt and he is creating a blog completely dedicated to exposing the religious clergies of all religions. I am curiously waiting for his blog to be published soon.

Ballstep2 bets, Sergio Osmena Senior and Distended Bellies

Samaooy Narkkert from Bangkok, Thailand, is an Author who recently completed writing a book on the life and death of the fourth president of the Philippines – Sergio Osmena Sr.

She provided me a free copy and reading it was as fun as winning bets on ballstep2.

In her book, Samaooy writes that Sergio Osmena Sr’s mother was 18 at the time of his birth, Sergio faked his mother’s age to gain sympathy from the public of Philippines in general as he belonged to an extremely rich family and he wouldn’t get any sympathy otherwise.

Samaooy writes that it is falsely claimed that Sergio Osmena Sr was highly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi; In reality he had no opinion about Gandhi and his work. She claims there is no genuine information available proving whether he liked or disliked Gandhi, let alone admire him.

Samaooy writes that although Osmena was the first Visayan to become President of the Philippines, he could never become a hero of the majority of Visayans, mainly due to the stigma of being an illegitimate child.

Samaooy writes that it is a false claim that Sergio wanted to install a couple of statues of Mahatma Gandhi in the Cebu City, he perhaps never thought of the same in a dream.

Samaooy also writes in her book that unlike Quezon, who looked up to Winston Churchill, Sergio Osmena Sr didn’t have any high regards for him and Sergio thought Churchill was as bad as Hitler or Stalin. She adds that it has also been said by a Member of Parliament of Philippines that Sergio disliked men and women with distended bellies.

Horse Race Betting is more fun than eating the best of the Japanese dishes combined – Antonio Boninelli

Antonio Boninelli from Norwich, England, is a Japanese Restaurant owner who recently completed writing his first book named ‘Japanese Food in the Delhi Sultanate’. In his book, Antonio writes that Khusrau Khan and Mubarak Shah of the Delhi Sultanate, both the homosexual rulers of the Delhi Sultanate wanted to travel to Japan to try on Japanese Dishes by the Royal Chefs of Japan before their death but it could never happen because they were always busy performing homosexual activities on each other and other homosexual men or battling the rivals within the Kingdom and those of other kingdoms.

Antonio Boninelli also writes that Delhi Sultanate Ruler – Qutbuddin Mubarak Shah of the Khalji Dynasty fell in love with the Japanese food so much that he personally learnt how to cook Tamagoyaki, Soba, Tonkatsu and Kashi-Pan.

Apart from his book, Antonio has written posts regarding the popularity of the Japanese food in India during the ancient times. He claims that the founder of the religion of Jainism – Mahavira, used to love fishes. He added that Mahavira would eat nothing but fishes most of the days. He further claims that it is a false notion that he used to be a celibate vegetarian. According to Antonio, anyone who eats fishes all the time cannot stay a celibate for long, even when they are older than 90, let alone lifelong celibacy and that too during the middle-ages.

Antonio believes that Mahavira used to be very fond of Rahu, Catla, Hilsa, Kajuli and Tengra fishes, found at the shores of Bengal and Bihar provinces of India. He adds that it is a pity that he could never enjoy the most delicious Japanese fishes. It is another pity that Mahavira could never enjoy betting on Top Horse Racing Betting Sites Bet1015.

Retainer Retailer believes that the art of retaining is what brings him great luck with the Fun88 Club

Teerapat Pongkased is a retailer from Siam, Thailand, who is a very active online gambler and blogger as well.

Teerapat spends at least 40 minutes of his each day betting on fun88 club and writes on his blog that he many times feel like he lives to bet.

Teerapat believes in the power of semen retention and that’s the reason why he hasn’t married yet. He is already 47. He believes that his practice of semen retention is responsible for his great luck with online gambling. He claims that online gambling makes him more money than his retail business.

Teerapat claims that the law of diminishing returns apply very much in the practice of semen retention and he himself is the greatest proof. He says that he learnt about semen retention at the age of 25 but didn’t perfect it till the age of 31 and since then he has seen how miraculously the art of semen retention changes your life for the better. But he writes that he is disappointed that the growth of benefits slows down the longer you stay on the path.

Teerapat writes that he used to get wet dreams till the age of 33 but claims that he hasn’t had one in the past 14 years. He believes that his practice of the kegel exercises have a lot to do with it.

Teerapat writes on his blog that the full-moon and post full-moon nights are the most dangerous nights for the aspiring celibates and they should be really wary of it unlike himself. He quotes several known celibate leaders including Julian Lee telling how dangerous the full-moon and post full-moon nights are for the aspiring celibates.

Book Authors ought to focus more on the Big Slot Wins and less on Writing Books if they want to live a Financially and Psychologically Healthy Life

Dr Karen Contreras from Brisbane, Australia, is a Psychologist, who writes on her blog that the twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, all have lesser chances of getting psychological illness ever in their lives but they are more prone to getting neurological illnesses.

Dr Karen also practiced in Canada and India in the past. She writes on her blog that the Sikhs in Punjab Province of India are 500% less likely to get any psychological illness in their lives compared to the Canadian Sikhs although they have a huge drug problem in Punjab Province of India. She doubts that it has to do with the stressful lives of Canada.

Dr Karen writes that is a false notion that the children born to older parents, especially men are more prone to getting psychological illnesses later in their lives. She claims that most children born to older men, i.e. as older as 65 are as healthy as the children born to men in their 20s.

Dr Karen claims on her blog that the movie or television script writers are 1200% less likely to fall into depression than the book writers. She recommends her book writer patients to try their luck with big slot wins because most of their psychological illnesses have their roots in financial difficulties.

Dr Karen writes on her blog that those who advocate drinking alcohol to take care of the chronic depression have no ideas how much it ruins the conditions of the people suffering with other psychological disorders.

SEO and IM expert from Southall, UK, believes that the major shareholders of Bing, General Motors and Yahoo! should sell their shares and invest it all in Risk Free Betting

Mick Walsh is a SEO and Internet expert from Southall, England, who believes that no other business in the world requires as much common sense as the SEO business. He claims that he has been a part of 5 different types of businesses till date and loves to study about other businesses and his experience and study is what made him come to this conclusion.

Mick Walsh received a lot of controversy when he wrote on his blog that Google has taken money from the Amazon to hide eBay’s search results and so far they have been extremely successful at it. Some people even went into the extent of calling him more illusionary than David Icke after reading this post of his.

Mick received even greater controversy when he wrote on his blog that politician can never be a good SEO expert as it requires a great deal of focus and liars don’t have it as they are always busy making up fake stories to tell others, hide their past lies or feeling guilty or proud about their lies. Mick believes that these politicians can never get lucky with even risk free betting and they ought to repent to the one and only true god if they want to live a happy and content life.

Mick writes that the General Motors should retire from manufacturing and selling cars and Bing and Yahoo! should retire from the online search industry and all 3 failures must unite and do something that they really are experts at. He says that neither GM can make good cars anymore and it goes without saying what kind of blunders are Bing and Yahoo! to the online search industry.

Jewish Psychiatrist from Garland, TX, has interesting things to say about chronic depression among different communities and professions

Dr Toby Cohen is a Psychiatrist from Garland, Texas, who writes on his blog that the Furniture business owners come into the category of the people who are least likely to fall into depression while the carpenters who work for them are the people who come into the category of the people who are most likely to fall into depression. He says that it is not the low pay, but rather the sounds that those tools make that does it to the carpenters. He recommends having a nice vacation abroad and some hot massage from a Goa Massage Parlour every once in a while to all such carpenters.

The latest post on Dr Toby Cohen’s blog read that his patients who were fond of traveling have been calling him and reporting that their psychological illnesses which disappeared long ago, seem to be back now since the lockdown and panic of the so-called coronavirus. He also wrote on his blog that they should come up with a new name for the fear of coronavirus, like coronaphobia or something.

Dr Toby Cohen is extremely popular with the Jewish patients in the Garland city and the surrounding area. He claims that the Jewish accountants are more likely to have chronic psychological illnesses compared to the Jewish economists.

Dr Toby Cohen claims that the Rabbis in the USA are more likely to suffer with the chronic depression compared to the Rabbis in Israel and he claims to have a first-hand experience of this as he practiced in Tel Aviv, Israel for 8 years.

Dr Toby Cohen claims that the Peruvians living in the USA are the most depressed Latin American community, not only in the USA but the entire globe.